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Shop local for all your steel and welding supply needs

For customers looking to do their own projects, we keep an assortment of steel and welding consumables on-hand.


  • We carry a wide selection of 1018 shafting, flat, and square bar stock
  • Angle iron, channel iron, and other structural members
  • A wide selection of square tubing, including tele tube for hitches & stingers
  • Many sizes of pipe
  • Selection of plate, sheet metal, deck plate, and expanded on hand

Welding Gases

  • Full line of welding gases  
  • Oxygen/acetylene
  • 75% / 25% mixed
  • CO2
  • Argon


  •  On-hand items include: grinding wheels, cut-off wheels, buffing wheels, welding wire and rod, hard facing and specialty rod, air arc carbons,  stingers, ground clamps
  • We can also order any welding consumables or PPE you may need to complete your projects: welding hoods, face shields, safety glasses, leather jackets, welding gloves, cover lenses & welding lenses
  • We can even order welders, wire feed guns/consumables, or a new grinder

Interstate Batteries

  • Broad selection of automotive batteries
  • Lawn & garden and ATV
  • Industrial and commercial
  • Deep cycle batteries for your RV or boat
  • If we don’t have the battery you need, we can have it delivered to our shop

Why drive to the valley when there is a local option?

  • We can also order aluminum products, stainless, and many other specialty metals
  • Steel delivered weekly
  • Batteries & gases every other week
  • We can even send broken torches & regulators in for repairs 

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